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MM Donald Essay

MM Donald Essay MM Donald Essay INTRODUCTION It is true that one thing that is constant is change; change sometimes defines progress and success and other times portends failure, either way, a new order is always on the horizon. The business world has experienced many changes over time on the fronts of paradigm, philosophy, roles and conventions. The business world has been through the highs and lows, the drought and abundance; business organizations globally from SMEs to MNCs; from the third world to the developed world have had their fair share of the economic gloom and bloom; some have lived through the storm while others have drowned. The commonality between the latter and former is the process of change; how it came about, its impact and its aftermath. There is a causal relationship between changes in the external business environment of an organization is changes internally within an organization; since external changes are out of the organization’s jurisdiction, it exerts far-reaching implications which could mean disruption or sustenance; a problem or an opportunity for the internal business environment of an organization. The difference between life and death for an organization is the nature of its strategic plan; an organization will either have a proactive or reactive strategic plan. Ceteris paribus, the survival of an organization when the forces of change hit, is determined by its ability to preempt change, prepare for its trajectory and manage its impact. A â€Å"reactive or fire brigade† orientation certainly spells doom for an organization(Robbins, et al., 2012). Beyond survival, an organization will thrive depending on the point on the broad spectrum of proactive strategic planning it is; preempting, preparing and managing the forces of change both positive and negativecall for a degree of internal change which is defined and instigated (sequel to) by innovative and flexible systems, well-integrated processes, robust human capital,and critical evaluation of core business functions as well as sound implementation mechanismsas part of an organization-wide strategy for sustainability and competitiveness(Mindtools, n.d). Kraft Foods is one of such organizations that has taken a proactive approach to its strategic planning, it has taken conscious efforts to remain competitive in a rapidly-changing market place; in the light of this, Kraft Food has redefined the roles of accountants to become key human capital known as â€Å"Planning Analysts† who are the custodian of the future rather than historians. We explore further, the tactics, proce sses, structures and strategic tools Kraft Foods deploys toward its proactive strategic planning and quest to remain dominant in a highly competitive market(Ackoff, 1981). Category Teams at Kraft Foods Definition of Cross-functional Teams Category teams at Kraft Foods are defined by their cross functional nature; The most simple definition of cross-functional teams (or CFTs) is groups that are made up of people from different functional areas within a company- marketing, engineering, sales, and human resources, for example. These teams take many forms, but they are most often set up as working groups that are designed to make decisions at a lower level than is customary in a given company. They can be either a company's primary form of organizational structure, or they can exist in addition to the company's main hierarchical structure; the former is the case with Kraft Foods(Inc, 2015).As a proactive organization with very clear and coherent goals to remain competitive and achieve sustainable growth, Kraft Foods took a novel approach to its management of its internal business environment which identified and reviewed critical processes in its operations, and organizational structure. Decentralization Vs Centralization: The Suitability of Cross-functional Teams An organization shouldn’t get its corporate core too far from its marketplace, businesses and of course, its customers otherwise it could slow down growth and

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Module review questions Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Module review questions - Coursework Example Contrastingly, the file processing approach displaces user information into a set of different files. Consequently, this makes retrieval of information very hard and time consuming. For example, a banking system stores customer account data into a well-defined database management system with an integrated application for data retrieval. Conversely, the file processing approach separates customer data into different files and has no specific application for data retrieval. Hence, it becomes hard to locate a particular file using the file processing approach (Panneerselvam, 2003). -The database management approach also allows users to edit and change file details while the file processing approach does not. For example, a database management system provides a predefined set of commands for editing data. However, on application such as spreadsheet one is unable to make data editing using file processing approach (Panneerselvam, 2003). -The database management approach is also advantageous in the configuration of access privileges. That is, it has better data security compared to the file processing approach. For example, in this approach top managers and database administrator can have access to almost all resources while junior employees and other workers have only specific data access. Contrastingly, in the file processing approach, all the users have the same level of data access or control (Panneerselvam, 2003). It is vital to acknowledge that wireless information appliances and services will have great effect on business use of internet and web. This is particularly by virtualization of business operations to promote doing business anywhere and at any preferred time. Business people along with their customers, will own a significant number of wireless devices such as tablets, smartphones, wireless pocket PCs among others. Consequently, this will allow all time access to the

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Consolidation and Reflective Statement on Personal learning preference Coursework

Consolidation and Reflective Statement on Personal learning preference workshop - Coursework Example It is good to balance these styles at times to create a balance for sharpening one’s learning skills (Honey & Mumford, 1992). The reflector and theorist learning styles are worth considering. Reflective learning is an individual style of learning. One needs no guidebook to implement it. Reflection should not be thought of as an essential element of the ‘to do’ list. Rather, reflection should be practiced at any stage. One should underscore the need to be a reflective learner, but not doing reflective learning. The ability to reflect is quite important in the process of learning and self-development (Honey & Mumford, 1992). Reflection could be in the form of thinking with a purpose, questioning, probing, analyzing, being critical, making judgments, and conclusions. A reflective learner should plan and prioritize. The huge number of activities in the study process can overwhelm a learner. One should plan his time and prioritize the learning tasks, knowing well how to execute all other commitments (Contrell, 2010). Precisely, the learner should reflect ahead to know what is required, when and how to do it based on prioritization. Secondly, the learner should set and achieve goals. Motivation can play out when one reflects on the goals of the study while relating the same to life goals. When goals are defined, it is easier to strategize on achieving them (Honey & Mumford, 1992). A reflective learner should know how to deal with anxiety and procrastination (Contrell, 2010). Procrastination can lead to the missing of deadlines or lagging behind in study schedules, a situation that can take away one’s confidence. A learner should recognize why, where and when he or she procrastinates to challenge habits and routines. Essential tools for reflection in reflective learning include diaries, journals, tables, lists, maps, bullet points, videos, digital recorders, diagrams and icons (Contrell, 2010). These can better boost a reflective

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The Raven - Edgar Allan Poes Essay Example for Free

The Raven Edgar Allan Poes Essay Edgar Allan Poe was born on January 19, 1809 in Boston, Massachusetts. He is one of the most significant writers in the American history. Well known for its mystery and horror stories he is considered part of the Romantic movement in US and the inventor of detective fiction genre. On January 29, 1845 he publishes his poem The Raven in the Evening Mirror which granted him with immense fame (Edgar Allan Poe: A Critical Biography 1941). The editor of the publishing newspaper wrote: It is the most effective single example of â€Å"fugitive poetry† ever published in this country; and unsurpassed in English poetry for subtle conception, masterly ingenuity of versification, and consistent, sustaining of imaginative lift and â€Å"pokerishness. † It is one of these â€Å"dainties bred in a book† which we feedon. It will stick to the memory of everybody who reads it(Evening Mirror, New York, January 29, 1845). The poem is of great artistic merit, it exudes many emotions and arise many feelings. Every reading of the poem gives new experience and new feelings but when You got familiar with Poes life a inevitable question is arising. Putting together The raven and Poes life we can see that the place where the poem is written corresponds to the room where the action of the story is held in addition the raven represents Poes inner self, furthermore for the image of the narrator Poe uses for prototype himself and all these lead to the conclusion that The Raven is Poes own view about his fate. The correspondence between the time and the settings of the poem and the time and conditions it was written supports the idea of coherence between the story of the poem and the prediction for the future that lies before the author. The Raven was published in January 29, 1845, according to The New York Times at that time Poe and his wife Virginia lived at a farm house in New York. In 1844 the farm house was away from the city. Poes home stood on a rocky and commanding eminence a few hundred feet of 84 Street and St. Nicholas Boulevard, at that time Manhattan was a country north of Greenwich Village otted with tiny hamlets(The New York Times January 1, 1908). This distant and isolated house was his sanctuary giving him solitude from the world outside. We can see quite the same at the opening of the poem with depiction of the room. The room is closed claustrophobic place well furnished with lots of books and heavy curtains which give a sense of isolation And the silken, sad, uncertain rustling of each purple curtain (line 13) Straight I wheeled a cushioned seat in front of bird, and bust and door (line 68) Then, upon the velvet sinking, I betook myself to linking (line 69). Isolation and solitude is was the narrator is seeking in order to surcease the inner pain and sorrow. What is more the time of the action in the poem and the time of its writing is the same winter. The poem was published in January 29 and the process of the writing can take us a month back in December. December is the time in which the action in the poem is held. The view from Poes distant house away from the city during the winter is only bare uplands which co-responds to the description he gave bleak December at the beginning of the second stanza Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December (line 7). In a nutshell the place, in which he lived at the time of the writing of The Raven, resembles the place in which the action takes place. Another evident in favor of the statement that the poem corresponds exactly to the view about Poes fate is the fact that he uses himself for prototype of the protagonist in the poem. The narrator possess many books which refers that he is well educated and intelligent as Poe himself. The protagonist is suffering from great inner pain and sorrow and vainly hoping for a cure Is there—is there balm in Gilead? —tell me—tell me, I implore! (line 89) as does Poe at the time, according to Arthur Quinn , in which the poem was published his great love Virginia had been sick from Tubercolosis for three years, her death is inevitable and Poe is aware of it (Edgar Allan Poe: A Critical Biography 1941). Another confirmation is the fact that the narrator is using the books for distraction from the painful reality which Poe had been doing for a long time Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary / Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore (lines 1- 2). In brief the narrator is a mirror image of Edgar Allan Poe. The fact that The Raven represents Poes inner personality confirms the statement that the poem is Poe foresight about his fate. We can see the manner in which Poe rites The Raven with capital R which tells us that it is not any raven. Well known for his macabre stories full with horror, this ebony bird is his black soul, his sinister mind. His talk with the bird asking if he will be or will be not again reunited with his beloved Lenore in the after life is a symbol of his inner doubts and desires Tell this soul with sorrow laden if, within the distant Aidenn (line 93) It shall clasp a sainted maiden whom the angels name Lenore— (line 94) Clasp a rare and radiant maiden whom the angels name Lenore. line 95). Another confirmation is the conversation with the bird in which he is begging for nepenthe to release him from sorrow but his request is not fulfilled which represents Poes inner inability to free himself from the pain Respite—respite and nepenthe from thy memories of Lenore; (line 82) Quaff, oh quaff this kind nepenthe and forget this lost Lenore! (line 83)† Quoth the Raven â€Å"Nevermore. †(line 84) An additional element leading to the conclusion that the ominous bird is a personification of Poes inner self is the way how he writes Hope and Hopes with capital H, referring both to the bird and to the narrator On the morrow he will leave me, as my Hopes have flown before. (line 59)/ Till the dirges of his Hope that melancholy burden bore (line 65). In other word the raven is a representation of Poes inner self. To cut a long story short the poem The Raven is Poes view about his own fait. In The Raven the action is held in a place which resembles the house that Poe and his wife Virginia inhabited, also in the story Poe gives life to his dark inner self trough the image of the raven, who took the life of the narrator which prototype is Poe himself. Though the cause of Poes death is unclear, according to Jeffrey Meyers and Charles scriber, Poe had died from Delirium Tremens alcohol poisoning (Edgar Allan Poe Jeffrey Meyers, Charles Scriber, 1992) responsible for which is Poe himself or in particular his inner inability to resist the need of alcohol. In other words the foresight had been fulfilled.

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Side Effects of the Drug Psilocybin Essay example -- Drugs Medicine He

Side Effects of the Drug Psilocybin There have been many experiments and personal testimonies documenting the side effect behavior changes and effects reported by users of the drug Psilocybin from ancient history until more modern times. For instance, the Aztecs believed that they were capable of moving back and forth between the earthly and supernatural realms (Schwartz 1988). This travel between realms was often associated with hallucinatory trances guided by their god for the entheogens-the Prince of Flowers. The Aztecs called this ritual "the flowery dream;" this was induced by sacred mushrooms (Erowid). The trend towards experimenting with Psilocybin to determine its effects on the body started in the early 1960's with prominent psychologists like Timothy Leary and Albert Hofmann taking Psilocybin themselves and reporting their experiences (Levitt 1975: 270). Later, there were more controlled double-blind studies performed with groups of subjects where the drug is administered and neither the subjects nor the experimenter know which group is receiving the drug and which group is receiving the placebo. It is much easier in these types of experiments to control for extraneous variables and to find a good operational measure for the subjects' reactions to Psilocybin. However, since the experiences reported by most users of Psilocybin are within a narrow radius of variation, it is possible to utilize individual's personal experiences of Psilocybin as long as they are comparable to the experiences reported by the majority of the Psilocybin users in other experiments. In general, both psilocybin and psilocybin produce yawning, inability to concentrate, r... ...ashington, D.C.: Hemisphere Publishing Corporation. McKenna, T. (1991). The archaic revival. San Francisco: Harper San Francisco. McKenna, T., & McKenna, D. (1999). The invisible landscape: Mind, hallucinogens, and the I Ching. San Francisco: Harper San Francisco. Schwartz, Richart H. and Smith, Deborah. Hallucinogenic Mushrooms. Clinical Pediatrics 27. 70-73 (1988). The Vault of Erowid: Sacred mushrooms. Retrieved from (21 February 2005). Weil, A. (1980). The marriage of the sun and moon: A quest for unity in consciousness. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company. Wezelman, R. & Bierman, D.J. (1997). Process Oriented Ganzfeld Research in Amsterdam: The effects of THC and Psilocybin on paranormal phenomena. Retrieved from df (28 February 2005).

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Running Head: Specific Needs Essay

As a service worker there are a number of identified demands that the client is proposing or the family of the client which is dealing with East London care home. Mr. Park was analysed and related to his disabilities, various suitable concepts of health were introduced within his treatment. There are many socioeconomic levels of people living in the same community. A group may be more advantageous than the other. Income, area of residence, gender, ethnicity, occupation, and education are some of the factors which manipulate personal health maintenance (Graham, 2004, p. 4-9). A person’s education occupation and income are inter-related and manoeuvre his or her lifestyle and health status. The UK government takes healthcare policies very seriously and is working hard to eliminate discrepancies from its system. The variety of factors that lead to inequalities is a limitation for policy developers but the government has unlimited access to all the relevant data. The state holds the best position to report healthcare system inadequacy. Social policies are directing towards to reforms as legislations should be further introduced so that cases like Mr. Holland may not face the lack in assessment during the search for a care home in the United Kingdom. Variation in opportunities available to people, lead to inequality in healthcare provision. This disparity can be observed throughout the life of individuals. There is a study suggesting that difficulties in the initial period of life lead to healthcare issues in adult life (Power et al, 2007, p. 532-9). Adults with impecunious resources find difficulty in managing their job with a concurrent malady and associated discrimination. These people are vulnerable to abuse and addiction due to their social environment. Their dietary habits also contribute to their overall hygiene; malnourished people are more prone to catching diseases than well-nourished people. The gradient in health status of people with varying social and  economical backgrounds is also evident in average life span of both groups (Atherton et al, 2007, p. 486-91). People with limited or no education is engaged in hazardous occupations with chances of physical harm. Unemployed folks are dependent on their benefactor or state for fulfilment of their fitness needs. The difference in health perception is also a contributing factor to healthcare inequalities. Most of the citizens do not seek medical help until they are sick. Immigrants from under-developed countries of the world are customized to their less-privileged conditions back home. The behaviour of these migrants adds to healthcare inequalities existent in Britain. They are not aware of their health rights in United Kingdom and fail to grasp the value of their health as a contribution to society. Women’ health conditions especially of those in child-bearing age highlight the contrast in healthcare provision to society. Health care and social settings cater and server society in numerous possible ways. For the utmost productivity and results, health care systems have to collaborate with other sectors and fields. One of the most important sector with which the health systems have to work in collaboration with, is the social care sector. Social care might entail processes and procedures that enhance their effectiveness by collaborating and working in partnerships. This report represents the cultural awareness that is required within this particular case, services should be available that is highlighted within the report. The theories and concepts regarding the partnerships in health and social care, concern cooperation between forces on three levels; the ones on the administrative levels, on the levels of users of service and the collaboration between organizational partners. Inter-professional collaboration constitutes a key factor in procedures and methods that increase the efficiency and impact of the health care services for the public. Collaboration constitutes of working with a team; and that too, with a single unified goal or a set of goals. The organizations working in partnerships with each other are mostly in a mutually benefiting relationship. They perform and carry out functions that are agreed upon and are aligned toward the goal which the partners are striving for. The next feature of the underlying concepts of partnerships and collaboration is the quality and aspect of partnership. Sharing entails more of an emotional touch and constitutes of performing functions that are mutually benefiting  and provide advantages to both the parties. Partnership however, entails the agreements and accords of sharing and dividing the benefits, whether they are financial or any other. Partnerships also entails that the partners appear and approach the other organizations under the one name. It is more of a relationship in contractual terms. Although mutually benefiting, the relation between the partners is not effective and strong if the power is held by one partner and not shared equally with the other partner. Power might be in form of the decisive power or the power in managing the finances. The health care systems when collaborating with the social care systems have to distribute the power; the partnership entails that the partners have equal power for the various functions of performing in the health care sector. Consequent to the power and autonomy partners should have in a collaborative relationship, interdependency still remains to be the most important factor and concept of partnership. A partnership or collaborative relation between the health care system and social care will fail and affect the lives of public immensely, if the partners are overly powerful and autonomous. As in every working relationship, on the people level as well, interdependency accounts for one of the major factor. This concept of partnership directly relates to the striving and struggle for single goal in partnership. The care home would provide various facilities that would help Mr. Holland a better life there. Extra care include the process that is discussed under this section of the paper. It is now well established that social and economic factors affect availing of healthcare facility at all levels. There may be a variety of reasons for this differential behaviour in society. These causes can broadly be classified as â€Å"financial, structural, and cognitive† (Carrillo et al, 2011, p. 562-75). These barriers in contacting a healthcare provider often lead to failure in diagnosis at the right time, appropriate care for the ailment, and overall lack of a treatment approach. All of these eventually cause a decline in an attempt to provide equal healthcare to all. A number of people do not contact healthcare professionals because of inadequate financial resources. There may be two reasons for this inadequacy; not having an insurance policy for medical coverage, or belonging to a low income social group. These people fear  getting into circumstance that may lead to losing money. This reluctance causes them to react in a careless way to their medical needs. People who are insured with health policies may also cower from reaching out to a caregiver for medical aid. This problem arises from complex interrogative procedures, followed by insurance companies. People do not want to get into trouble for a small ailment and ignore to seek medical advice. Another reason for not going to a medical care provider is; having to wait long hours to see a doctor. People may have limitations such as not having someone to look for their child for long durations, not getting time-off from the employer for their medical appointment, or having a load of social obligations. People with a disability may also face communication problem during their meeting with a health professional. Lack of information about health predicaments, accessible amenities, and importance of staying in sound health, also contribute to overlooking self care. Sometimes a patient fails to understand the implication of their diagnosed condition and does not pursue quality treatment. Discriminatory behaviour of a caregiver is also a likely cause of health illiteracy. However, individual behaviour of people also leads to health and social care development. For instance, in Asian families, it is highly unethical to treat their elderly people in the old homes. They believe it is their moral and religious responsibility to take care of their elderly people at home. So they prefer care in home setting. Now, the nursing and its priorities have changed in homecare settings. It has become advanced adopting more humanistic approaches in the provision of primary care. However, for the Americans and Europeans, these old homes are a facility where elderly people live and receive best health facilities. For this reason, governments spend huge amount on building and setting old homes. People now want to have quick answers to their queries regarding medical facilities and healthcare. The use of social media by health institute facilitates them in solving their problems. The increasing role of social media and advanced technology is the result of people’s attitude and behaviour. Validity and reliability of the information depends upon the source. There are two types of sources for collecting information-primary and secondary. Primary source is believed to be original, first hand, and unedited. On the other hand, secondary is interpreted and processed material. The distinction between the reliable and  unreliable source is hard to explain in this age of mass media. The health care institutes must develop standards based on international practices and evidences and need to be regulated by the concerned Authority. Dissemination of health and social care information must be handled by responsible authority that has the proven record of credibility and authenticity. Quality information is a significant aspect for service providers that can also help them in planning, managing, monitoring, and delivering high quality health care provision. Through out the process of stay of Mr. Holland there are significant changes observed and as an auditor, I and the institution have found out that certain approaches that are used to take his care are producing fruitful results. Health promotions address both primary and secondary causes of a healthcare problem. These campaigns are relevant for creating awareness in the general public and minimizing the spread of problems. Whenever a healthcare emergency arises, healthcare providers are responsible for initial interventions. After the initial intercession, the healthcare professional evaluates the crisis and presents his or her idea to restrict such crisis in the future. Health promotion models work on identification, history, results of a healthcare problem and have a target outcome for the campaign. The UK government has launched a number of health promotions for current health problems. Some of these promotions are for smoke cessation, cancer, child obesity, drug abuse and drinking problems. The policy highlights the problem by giving statistics of alcohol related hospital admissions and deaths. The policy aims to build awareness on harmful impacts of alcohol on families’ lives, and ultimately compel them to overcome their bad habit. Role of experts is not confined tending to ill people needs; instead it lays upon them the responsibility of maintaining the community’s health. Health professionals are skilled to identify unsaid health problems during examinations. They can play their part for early screening of a malady through vigilance. Professionals on a higher level of administration should demonstrate to their co-workers and subordinates, the level of commitment needed for the purpose. The professionals also need to pay special attention to their well being for executing their role in the health  system. The task of a professional includes education and promotion of preventive care to all the available community. The government employees and health system professionals should collaborate towards a healthy society. They share a goal of providing quality healthcare to all citizens. The caregivers should incorporate themselves with organizations, working for the welfare of society in the domain of healthcare. They should use these platforms for sharing their knowledge and practices with healthcare workers from other areas, and the general public. The young professionals should be encouraged to take up pro bono work at the start of their career. The government aims to develop healthcare from primary levels, which is not possible without the aid from every health personnel. These people should be trained for the promotion activities. The health department sets target for the health promotion activities. If the partners and collaborators are not interdependent upon each other and are excessively autonomous, not taking responsibility of each other’s actions or accountable to the other partner, then the partnership can collapse. For instance, if the a health care organization deals with a situation negligently and is not able to handle any emergency situation, the performance of the social care will also be effected because of being in partnership with the other. Health perception and views of an individual greatly influence his or her response to healthcare situations. This opinion is affected by a person’s religion, ethnical background and culture (Horne et al, 2004, p. 1307-13). Education and experience modify it to some extent in later life, but the primary instincts stay with the person. The principles become more influential when the person holding these is a healthcare practitioner rather than a general man (Callaghan, 1999, p. 28-35). People rely on their physician, nurse or pharmacist to give them expert opinion on health related matters. The last but not the least important concept in partnerships and collaboration is the process. The way an organization works constitutes its processes and exclusive procedures. In collaboration however, the methods and processes have to be merged; they have to synchronized and harmonized with each other and then worked upon. The strategies and processes followed by one organization should also be applied to the collaborating partners and organizations. According to the frameworks put forward by West, the literature on the effectiveness of groups reveals and explains about the  model of partnerships that entails concepts such as inputs of the tasks, composition and performance of the groups and teams, the context and culture of the organizations and the environment of the organizations. This framework also entails the explanation of variables that elucidate the performance and working of the collaboration. These variables include such factors as the leadership effect, communications patterns and the processes of decision making. This model is utilized and practised by the Aston Centre for Health Organizational Research to analyse and study the National Health System of United Kingdom. Faced with numerous challenges, the health care sector in the United Kingdom follows and adheres to the concepts and frameworks for the partnerships at various levels. The government and the health care sector have devised numerous ways in which the rights and legal boundaries of the professionals and patients are outlines. Whether the health services join hand for collaboration or they work independently, the effectiveness of the partnership is always working and striving for the utmost care of the patient and the general public. Providing relevant health information to patients under health promotion programs is of paramount importance. Health promotion induces a positive difference in people’s life but accepting this development is tricky. The health promoter should provide all reasonable support to the subject to help him, or her get on with the change. The first step in the series of development events is to help patient understand the change. For example, a cancer patient will need thorough explanation of his or her illness, expected results of treatment, and most importantly the adverse effects of the treatment. Appropriate counselling leads to better outcomes of promotion and therapy than expected. The Article for Foundation for People with Learning and Physical Disabilities The research objective of the current article is to find the significant impact caused by increased BMI and anaesthetic duration on recovery of protective airways subsequent to sevoflaure opposed to desflurane. Increased BMI may increase the body’s capacity to store potent inhaled anaesthetics, more so with more soluble agents. Accordingly, we asked whether increased BMI and longer anaesthesia prolonged airway reflex recovery. For anesthesia means a moderately increased BMI is usually no increased risk. In the  multivariate linear regression, the variables: type of anesthesia, duration of anesthesia, body mass index and temperature of the operating room were directly related to the average body temperature of the subjects investigated. Nurses are responsible for planning and implementing effective interventions that help to minimize costs and most importantly reduce complications associated with hy pothermia. Methods Quantitative methodological approach was adopted for the conduct of the study, which follows a non-experimental research, correlation and forecasting. Sampling is the first and foremost step of conducting a research. It is important to find out all those people who will be able to provide the information that will be used by the manager of organization. Sampling form the basis of all researches and thus the organization conducting research must be very careful in selecting a sample. The research study analyzed the sample of patients aged 18–75, in BMI ranges 18–24, 25–29, and ≠¥30 kg m−2, undergoing surgery for which an LMA was the planned method of airway management, and randomly assigned these patients to receive sevoflurane or desflurane. Statistical Analysis T-test, Chi-square, ANOVA, and linear regression were used in the research. For the purpose of hypothesis testing, independent Sample T test is performed on the provided data. By applying the t-test for independent samples, we can decide whether two independent samples from two populations have equal arithmetic mean values i.e. to find the significant difference between the sample means. Detailed Analysis of the Article The term nonverbal communication refers to the type of communication which does not include direct usage of words by the person. This kind of conversation includes the signs given through eyes, the angle of the head, hands, or the facial expressions. The nonverbal might also include the usage of paper messages. The effective communication involves the ability of the care workers to analyse the situation and understand the verbal or non  verbal communicative messages delivered by the other care workers and work on them effectively. In the profession of care delivery, affection and care are the two feelings that are most important to be delivered to the patient. Touch can play an important role in this regard. Through touch the affection is delivered to the patient and he might feel the reflection of the carers feeling for the patient which might make him feel better emotionally. Misinterpretation of touch is, however, one of the most commonly existing problems. Sometimes the touch can be misinterpreted as sexual interest, aggressive stroke or sympathetic feeling which might not please the patient. Therefore, the care professionals have to be really carefully when the deliver their affection through touch. Another commonly existing problem is that in some cultures and religions the touch of a man to woman is not ethically or religiously allowed. The care professionals have to be extremely careful in such circumstances. The comfort can be misunderstood and that might cause a conflict which might be problematic and difficult to handle. In order to avoid this situation, it is important that the permission should be taken from the patient. The care professionals are a mixed set of professionals that belong to different ethnical regions, cultures and religious backgrounds. These individuals, under normal circumstances might have their own different set of cultural, social and religious values. However in the organisations of social and health care, it is important that they should follow the care principles and they should support every individual equally regardless of their background and race. Every individual should be treated with respect and dignity of every patient should be maintained. The ethical and cultural values of the patients should be respected by the carers and the individuals belonging to low financial background should not be mistreated with lack of care and support. The difference of language might be a barrier in communication, but to overcome that non verbal communication can be used. Sometimes the patients are disappointed and they might behave aggressively. Within the health and social care organisations, the fine practice of communication contributes to the effectiveness and competence of the services provided. It also develops the trust and confidence in the staff members who consider in the policies and systems of the organisation as trustworthy and precise. The professionals and staff members of health care espouse the good practice and  code of conduct that participates in the efficacy of the services. This is done by the effective communication within the limitations of organisational policies and systems in accordance with a system of partnership and team work. This paper was written after the understanding of the cases that were provided within the assignment. There were five main tasks that were to be fulfilled. The health care providers under the National Health Services perform well and more efficiently when working in partnerships and groups. The utmost important factor in such relations is the communication and the perception of the relation by both the partners. The communication pattern says a lot about the evaluation and performance of the partnerships. The way partners collaborate is vastly dependent upon the relations they hold with the partners. The service provides various methods and procedures for the evaluation of the practices and procedures in partnerships and collaborations. I would analyse this paper as a detailed approach in order to understand the issues that are faced within the basic needs of the prospects. References Butt,G; Reis, M. M; Browne, G (2008) Inter-professional Partnerships In Chronic Illness Care: A Conceptual Model For Measuring Partnership Effectiveness. Int J Integr Care. P. n.d. data retrieved from on May 31, 2013 D’amour, D; Videla, F. M; Rodriguez, M. S. L & Beaulieu, D. M (2005) The Conceptual Basis For Interprofessional Collaboration: Core Concepts And Theoretical Frameworks. Journal of Interprofessional Care, Supplement 1: 116 – 131. Pp. 122-124. Data retrieved from on Williams, P (2007) Working In Collaboration: Learning from Theory and Practice. National Leadership and Innovation Agency for Healthcare. Pp. 17-20. Data retrieved from on May 31, 2013 Bennett, P., Calman, K., & Curtis, S. (2009). Risk communication and public health. Oxford University Press, retrieved from

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Loyalty - 785 Words

Loyalty is like a shadow it’s something that’s with you all of the time, but sometimes it’s hidden. Most people don’t show their loyalty hidden, but loyalty is something that’s not supposed to be hidden .To me loyalty is when someone is there for someone else. Loyalty is a characteristic many people should strive to have; it earns the trust and respect of many. A loyal person would never be able to fail someone because they are trustable. Loyalty is everywhere and there are many different kinds of loyalty. Loyalty to strangers is one of the many different kinds of loyalty. We have all showed loyalty to strangers at least once. When people follow rules somewhere either at school, work etc. This shows loyalty. Loyalty doesn’t only earn†¦show more content†¦When many people think of loyalty they forget the fact that you can be loyal to yourself. I think the most important parts to staying loyal to self are staying true to self and doing what you believe is right. An example of this would be if you are getting peer pressured by your peers to smoke, there are several choices you can make. You can smoke just to gain popularity by that group of people and destroy your health or refuse and report to the counselor. A person who is loyal to self will obviously pick the second option by doing this they will stay true to self, do the right thing and stand up to peer pressure. Last but not the least is loyalty to family. To me loyalty to family is the most important one because family is very special to me. Family is something you start with and something that will never leave you. No matter what happens your family will always be there for you. One of the many ways to show loyalty to family is by spending time with them. Spending time with family makes everyone feel happy. I think the people that show the most loyalty in a family are the parents. Parents sacrifice the most for their kids. Either giving up their time or not getting what they want. They put someone else before themselves. Parents are the true examples of loyalty. A loyal person treats other people the way they would want to be treated. A symbol for loyalty I think would be a heart because a heart showsShow MoreRelatedStudy of Loyalty Programs1278 Words   |  6 Pagesrelevant facts. Objective of the study: Study of loyalty programs of Shoppers Stop and Pantaloons. †¢ Are these programs really effective in enhancing the customer experience. †¢ How much profitable does the loyalty programs prove to be, for a customer centric apparel retailer. Most customers hold several loyalty cards of competing retailers. Past studies looking into the impact of card ownership on store loyalty showed mixed results. Loyalty cards are effective only when customers value theRead MoreThe And Evaluation Of Loyalty Card1710 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction : In spite of the great practical approach the impact and evaluation of loyalty card are very limited in terms of academic interest because the effectiveness of loyalty program has questionable from the customer behavior point of view. We refer some studies to evaluate the impact of loyalty card in business. This essay will firstly discuss what is a loyalty card ? The loyalty card is defined that a plastic card given by a business to the customer which has earned a rewardRead MoreCustomer Loyalty For A Company1991 Words   |  8 Pagescustomer loyalty. Customer loyalty is the ongoing process of customers buying products or services from a specific company (Gustavsson, 2005). For most companies, retaining customers costs less than attracting new ones and also reduces expenses on promoting products. In order to reach this aim, the organization constantly increases customer loyalty by carrying out loyalty programs to reward the remaining customers for repeated transactions (Donnelly, 2009). The effect of customer loyalty is arguableRead MoreLoyalty Card Proposal1728 Words   |  7 Pagesprovide significant incentives that deliver value well beyond reward points. Xpress Mart can continue moving towards its vision to become the most dominant player in the retail industry by implementing a customer rewards program through offering loyalty cards to customers of Xpress Mart. Therefore the traditional approach of making one-time sales is being replaced with making long term commitment to the customer and it can be possible through the XM Plus Card. 1.1 Purpose The purpose ofRead MoreLoyalty And Loyalty For United Airline s Frequent Flyer Program957 Words   |  4 PagesLoyalty While I’m an atypical U.S. consumer who doesn’t buy into marketing hype, I do have strong product/service loyalty affiliations. I’ll try to keep my Journal entry under 1000 words! I like to revisit the meaning of familiar words. Merriam-Webster (n.d.) defines loyalty as, â€Å"The quality or state or an instance of being loyal†. This is exactly what brand loyalty and loyalty programs are trying to create: an ongoing experience with multiple touch-points that captures followers and keeps them engagedRead MoreThe Brand Of Brand Loyalty977 Words   |  4 PagesFurthermore, the publication suggests that the brand loyalty is correlated with market share. So, the bigger the company is, the more loyalty among its customers. And, this is true because the more people get to know the company, its services, and its products, the more brand identity it will form among current customers. Also, large companies benefit from having more loyal customers because they engag e in word-of-mouth activities which can potentially attract more customers. So, there are many waysRead MoreBrand Loyalty : Brand And Product1427 Words   |  6 PagesBrand loyalty occurs in every service brand or product and creates a desirability around the brand in the consumer’s eyes to invite them to want to make repeat purchases. Always turning to that brand to satisfy a need trying to be fulfilled. Whether it’s a product or service that is used or a product that is consumed brand loyalty exists, Brand loyalty is built on the basis of every interaction a customer has with your service. The key to brand loyalty is to always meet or surpass expectations withRead MoreEffectiveness Of Loyalty On Customer Retention884 Words   |  4 Pagesneeds extensive effort from brand to get it. Loyalty program In the initial part of study, it has elaborate meaning of loyalty. Now, this section has presented literature on effectiveness of loyalty on customer retention. Loyalty program often considered as value sharing or enhancement instrument. Sabol, 2002) addressed that value enhancement function is important because of ability to provide superior value to customer relationship and retention. Loyalty program provide value to consumer in two stagesRead MoreCustomer Loyalty : A Brand Image Essay1424 Words   |  6 PagesOur text explains that â€Å"customer loyalty is the degree to which a customer will select a particular brand when a purchase from that product category is being considered,† (Levens, 2012, p. 72). This loyalty is present in the relationship that a brand has engaged with the customer, and the resulting attachment the brand has with a consumer (Levens, 2012, p. 72). It is the loyal customer that is most highly sought after by companies, in order to generate the mos t positive brand image, retain theRead MoreEssay on Customer Loyalty2188 Words   |  9 PagesThe Customer loyalty has been a major and unanimously acknowledged as a valuable asset in competitive markets according to Srivastava, Shervani, Fahey, 2000. As a result, it becomes more important to give power to in loyalty panel particularly when the consumers faces very low switching or moving cost to other product or service, because they are not locked in by a contract (Shapiro Vivian, 2000). It is also become important in competitive markets due to availability of more lucrative and easily